Unique exercise classes that have been devised to bring in specific exercises which focus on full body strength, improving flexibility and building lean muscle with an emphasis on lengthening and aligning the body.

Unique exercise classes that focus on full body strength, building lean muscle and improving flexibility.


Hello and Welcome

My passion is to help you feel healthier and happier in your own skin, whether that be improving your body confidence or mastering the most complex Pilates skills.

My hope is to inspire you to make positive and lasting changes to how you look and feel about yourself.

Since becoming a mum I practiced Pilates at home with my daughter because I didn't have the time or childcare needed to train by myself in the gym. I have seen and felt the benefits first hand, how my posture improved, my aches and pains disappeared and the strength I regained only a couple of weeks into my practice.


Modern Pilates

This is based on the original works of German-born Joseph Pilates who designed a series of exercises that used both mental and physical techniques to condition the body based on his experience in martial art and gymnastics.

His methods were used primarily by dancers, however, in recent years these methods have been introduced into the health and fitness industry. My training brings the best of Joseph's techniques into the 21st Century by combining his principles with all the recent research and knowledge we have about fitness, exercise, and core stability.


mixed adult class

Classes are progressively challenging but never competitive, every Pilates move will have a fundamental set up and various levels of ability all of which are demonstrated. All abilities welcome.


For Prenatal mummies who want to keep fit and strong during their pregnancy; also for Postnatal mummies who aren’t quite ready for a Dynamic Pilates class and still require a restorative approach.


For those who are looking for a focused approach to ease them back into exercise after birth. A series of exercises designed to help you regain and improve posture and strengthen your core.

Baby & Me Pilates has by far been our most favourite baby class we have found. It strikes the perfect balance between being enjoyable and social for babies, and also providing a little ‘me time’ for mum.
— Tana & Isla