Cordelia and I came to our first Baby & Me class when she was eight weeks old, and it has been a favourite part of our week ever since.

The Dojo is a fabulous space - light and airy, and with plenty of room for both mums and babies to move around - and Laura is a brilliant teacher. She inspires and motivates with her energy and enthusiasm, making each class great fun and a good challenge at the same time. I feel so much stronger and fitter, and Cordelia loves the interaction with the other babies, as well as the music and array of toys on offer for her to play with.

Thank you so much Laura - I will definitely be coming to your Dynamic Pilates classes when Cordelia is too old for the baby ones!
— Jocelyn & Cordelia

I have been coming to Laura’s Pilate class for nearly six months. She is an amazing teacher, being knowledgeable and hugely encouraging. Laura tailors the exercises to each mum enabling everyone to progress at their own rate, taking into account any individual niggles or injuries. As my fitness has improved, the exercises are more progressive and I have never felt as strong and healthy as I do now!

My baby girl has a lovely time in class with Laura too. Toys, songs and adaptations to exercises to include her means we both have a wonderful time.
— Helen & Anna

My daughter Evelyn and I started attending Laura’s Baby & Me Pilates class when she was 3 months old. Evelyn is now 9 months old and we still attend every week. Evelyn loves the class and is very fond of Laura, she is spoilt for choice with toys and attention. She also loves watching the other babies and mums having fun.

I have found Pilates very beneficial and believe that it has been essential in getting my post-baby body back into condition. I feel much stronger which is crucial with a rapidly growing baby!

Laura is a great teacher and makes everyone feel very welcome in her classes including babies. I would highly recommend her Pilates classes, and I soon returned to Bump To Baby Pilates with 2nd Baby on the way!
— Faye & Evelyn

Baby & Me Pilates has by far been our most favourite baby class we have found. It strikes the perfect balance between being enjoyable and social for babies, and also providing a little ‘me time’ for mum.
Most importantly, only a few months in and the results have been incredible, I feel like I have myself back to where I was pre-baby which is no mean feat!
— Tana & Isla

I’ve been attending Laura’s Dynamic Pilates classes for 9 months now and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve struggled before in other classes when its come to correct technique and feeling like your working the right muscles. The Dynamic nature of the class helps you to really connect with what you’re doing and it’s a nice balance of working your core and feeling like you’ve had a workout, it’s more intense than other Yoga and Pilates classes I’ve tried. I’d highly recommend it!
— Ben

After two back to back tough pregnancies, Laura has helped me get back into shape and re-focus my life.

I was struggling to find time between work and 2 young kids, but she helped to tailor my approach and just do the work. My results were great!
— Alona

Laura weaves all her knowledge into my daily life in the most practical way. She cuts through all the misinformation and gets results without turning my life upside down!

After numerous failures with dieting I’ve finally found what works for me and I have a grip on things.
— Sally

I joined Laura’s Bump To Baby Pilates class towards the end of my pregnancy. Laura’s fun personality made the class very enjoyable and she was really able to relate to us pregnant ladies being a mum herself.

The smaller class sizes mean that Laura can keep an eye on each lady to make sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly and safely and lets her tailor the moves for each person depending on their fitness level/pregnancy issues.

I very much enjoyed the hour each week and headed into labour feeling strong, calm and in tune with my own body thanks to this class.
— Alex

I started Laura’s Bump Pilates class when pregnant with my second son. I’d done pregnancy yoga with my first son but was looking for something that would be a bit more of a challenge this time around - and Laura’s class didn’t disappoint!

I struggled throughout the pregnancy with a number of issues including pubic synthesis (not a surprise when my son weighed an eye watering 10lb 15ozs when born!) but Laura used her extensive knowledge to tweak & adapt many of the exercises to help relieve any pain as well as build up my strength. I left each session feeling energised as well as knowing I’d worked hard to strengthen my body in preparation for labour & after the birth.

As a result I had a wonderful labour experience (despite Oliver’s size!) & I believe that much of this was down to the preparation of had in Laura’s class.

I can’t wait to start her postnatal class!
— Sophie

I was 99kg with a BMI of 29, one point off obese! I gave Laura the goal of getting my weight down to a level where my BMI would be under 25 and within a year I was 84kg with a BMI of 24.

Though a combination of Laura’s training techniques and her nutritional knowledge coupled with a pragmatic approach i.e. the occasional glass of wine and a pizza won’t kill you, I’d met my goal.

I’ve also had 2 hip arthroscopy to remove some bone from the top of my femur and Laura oversaw the exercise protocol to bring me back to fitness. For some crazy reason I then decided to enter the ballot for the London Marathon, and to my surprise I got a place. Laura designed a training plan for me and at the age of 50, I completed the London Marathon in 4 hours 14 minutes.

What you get with Laura is her enthusiasm, passion and motivation for health and fitness coupled with her wide range of knowledge and expertise in her field.
— Ian

I did two hours a week one-to-one Pilates with Laura for four years, up to her maternity-leave and move to the West Country. I needed safe, structured exercises when I began, on account of a fall that had injured my lower back, severing some muscle and nerves around Lumbar 4th and 5th vertebrae. Laura was both careful and confident, working with the neurosurgeon’s recommendations, and with an osteopath-specialist in her trainers’ group. I am pain-free these days, quite an achievement for someone over 60. The injury is in the past. I also enjoyed my Pilates with Laura, I looked forward to our twice-weekly sessions.

Laura has a wide range of expertise at all levels of physical training, but she doesn’t shove any of that in your face. Laura will meet you at your starting-point, and take you on from there as best you and she can manage. Laura is a safe professional, and a reliable and generous companion.
— Julie

Wow - I’ve finally found the Pilates class and the instructor (Laura) I’ve been looking for to improve my core fitness and strength. Due to the more intense nature of Dynamic Pilates, Laura’s sessions give me a thorough workout improving my stretching, core muscles and technique. I highly recommend Dynamic Pilates as you’ll really enjoy it and see results quickly.
— Glynn

I started Laura’s Baby & Me class 12 weeks post c-section and I was so grateful for the class, it gave me the ability to work out with a professional giving guidance whilst also having some fun with my baby. The Dojo is amazing and the babies are made to feel as welcome as the grown ups with soft blankets, toys and an openness to breastfeed whenever you need. The classes are always different and Laura structures the sessions so you progress at your own pace. My little man loved it as much as I did.

When I returned to work it was the class that I missed the most and I wanted to keep up pilates as Laura had helped me progress so much. I’ve now joined the Bump to Baby class for pre & postnatal, I still feel like I’m advancing and the classes still feel progressive with Laura offering different levels of exercises for people in the class to cater for each individual.

A massive thank you to Laura for safely getting me through the postnatal period and I look forward to my continued journey with her. Whatever stage you’re at I’d highly recommend checking out Laura’s classes at Boutique Pilates.
— Laura & Quinn