Personal Training

Training sessions are carefully planned out and designed around your goals and training experience. I work very closely with all my clients to create a training plan that works for you in a fun and practical way, teaching you correct form and coaching you to understand your exercises. I offer a service that is highly personal and results driven, from rehabilitation to strength and conditioning, we will get results without turning your life upside down!

I am based at Bath’s most prestigious independent gym, Stanza Fitness on Trim Street. With an intimate set up and open plan space you will be surrounded by friendly and professional people.

Gym Memberships are available for those wanting to train outside of personal training sessions.

Laura weaves all her knowledge into my daily life in the most practical way. She cuts through all the misinformation and gets results without turning my life upside down!
— Sally

Nutrition Coaching

What works for someone else may not work for you. The approach which is most likely going to help you succeed is the one that you can stick to. I will work around your lifestyle and help you understand the principles of nutrition and how best to tailor a plan that suits you.

There will be some time evaluating yourself, being honest and open to change, the more you understand the greater your results will be.

No restrictive meal plans or avoiding your favourite foods, food is your preference food and is to be enjoyed.

I will help you build lifelong skills to improve health, performance and body composition.

Communication is key so we will have weekly updates whereby I will help you with food shopping, preparing food, meal ideas and any other areas you need support in.



£50 per session
£240 for 5 sessions
£450 for 10 sessions
£840 for 20 sessions