Dynamic Pilates


This is a mixed adult class of men and women of all abilities.

Classes are progressively challenging but never competitive, every Pilates move will have a fundamental set up and various levels of ability all of which are demonstrated and you can work at your own chosen level.

Classes are taught with inspirational music giving the session an intentional workout and it's invigorating dynamic flow. The class has a positive energy and I devise many different routines so that each session is challenging but fun. You will come away feeling like you've worked your muscles.

We work on flexibility and strength, making you feel strong and centred as you move through a series of stretches, movements, and poses.

Please note if you are someone who has a spinal fusion or any serious spinal injury my Dynamic group classes will not be suitable. I do offer one-to-one training for those that require consideration for movement and specific exercises for core rehabilitation.

The Dynamic nature of the class helps you to really connect with what you’re doing and it’s a nice balance of working your core and feeling like you’ve had a workout, it’s more intense than other Yoga and Pilates classes I’ve tried. I’d highly recommend it!
— Ben



£10 single class

Pay as you go. Payment made in advance.



£36 for 4 classes
£80 for 10 classes

Purchase a Boutique Pilates Class Pass and book in advance using the booking calendar. You cancel your classes freely within 24 hours of class.

Your booking secures you of a place in class on all the classes you choose and you will receive email confirmation on your booking.

If you are unable to attend you must cancel your booking more than 24 hours prior to class to avoid being charged and your account will be re-credited.

You will be charged a session fee for not showing to class or canceling sessions within the 24hr noticed period.

Class spaces are limited and often booked up quickly therefore you can book 8 classes in advance to secure your place each week. You can use your Dynamic Pilates class pass to book in for Hardcore as well.

No refund on class passes and class passes do not expire.

Before your first class I will email you a healthcare questionnaire to check on your suitability for class.