Bump To Baby Pilates


Bump To Baby is for Prenatal mummies who want to keep strong during their pregnancy & Postnatal mummies who aren’t quite ready for Dynamic Pilates and still require some restorative exercises.

The physiological and psychological benefits of exercise during pregnancy is increasingly supported by health care organisations and my classes are designed for every stage of your pregnancy.

As a fitness professional and mum, I can empathise with your journey and have put together a class that is safe and will support you during your pregnancy and into your labour, mummies have described feeling fit and strong for birth due to the support they received during class.

My Pilates classes are carefully taught and numbers kept low so you have my attention and individual progressions can be given.

Before your first class please fill out the healthcare questionnaire form below.

Prenatal ParQ Form

If you’re ready to move on from Baby & Me Pilates (or just want some Pilates without the little one in tow) and you don’t feel ready for a Dynamic Class then Bump To Baby will be a nice continuation for you.

I have created a class that is diverse and one that offers you more choice to continue to practice and work on your Pilates skills during these special milestones in your life.

Each class involves a series of movements designed to bring focus and connection to your body whilst strengthening your core, whether you are supporting your body for labour or restoring your abdominals post birth.

You will become more aware of your posture and with some light stretching improve how you hold yourself. For most of the class we will work on building a strong foundation, exercises can be as gentle or progressive as you want them to be.

Bumps may also join the Baby & Me Pilates classes.

I very much enjoyed the hour each week and headed into labour feeling strong, calm and in tune with my own body thanks to this class.
— Alex



£15 single class

Payment made in advance.



£48 for 4 classes
£60 for 6 classes

Purchase a Bump To Baby class pass and book in advance using the booking calendar.

Your booking secures you of a place in class on all the classes you choose.

Class spaces are limited so advance booking is recommended to secure your place each week.

If you are unable to attend you must cancel 24 hours prior to class to avoid being charged.

You can use your Bump To Baby class pass to book in for Baby & Me as well.

No refund on class passes.

Class passes do not expire.